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Bifocal Glasses: One-Stop Solution for Presbyopia

If you are experiencing trouble while reading text messages on your phone or newspaper at a near distance you should not ignore this problem. It may be possible that you are suffering from presbyopia. It is a kind of an eye problem where the eye lenses stiffen with age and make it difficult for a person to read that is at a certain distance. Well, if you think this could be the reason behind your visibility issues, you are not alone. There are many people suffering from this and other visionary defects. But, with the advancement in science and technology, a cure is available. The solution to presbyopia specifically lies in the bifocal glasses. The bifocal glasses were invented in the 1700s when Benjamin Franklin, a prolific inventor, appended two half-cut lenses together. And since then, it is being used to help people with presbyopia see clearly.

The bifocal lenses have a visible horizontal line. Above the line, there are distance prescription and reading prescription below. With round bifocal glasses, you can easily read your newspaper at an arm’s length and watch television even at a far-off distance. Gone are those days when people used to wear big, circled bifocal glasses that made them look aged. Today, prescription bifocal glasses are available in a wide range of frames which are extremely stylish and comfortable to wear. From elegant to a hipster look, you can choose the desired pair from the range of glasses that are available and flaunt a flawless look.

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